Windows 8 crazy ads

I must admit, the audience got numbed by those generic Windows ads. Oh look, it´s a happy face, a happy family, a happy dog, a happy bird, a happy clown, a happy sink, a happy elevator… Everything was so generically happy, it was like a Disney sing-along.

And then suddenly these babies popped-up on the internet. I would assume they are meant for the Chinese market and I must admit, they are very unexpected, especially for the uptight feature and performance driven software market with it’s lovely Hallmarky brands.

It would have been great for the western market if it could experience such a changed attitude in advertising during the launch of the new Windows. It would have paired very nice with the radical change design which was already present in the software. But I guess we in the west are more conservative, it wouldn’t have checked out with the focus groups… (sarcasm)

I really like these skits, especially because they are able to communicate one simple and yet crucial feature for the software at a time. Although wacky, the approach is simplistic trough-and trough, just like the software. To me, these clips are a perfect example for a successful and a memorable brand-communication trough advertising.


Thanks to my friend Ivana Najdovska for bringing these ads to my attentnion
Videos originally seen on

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