4 thoughts on “BMW’s new sound logo blows! (in reverse)

  1. Somehow i dont like either of the sounds – old and new. I would have expected them to have something like what VW has !

      1. The BMW audio logo is certainly a step in a different direction.

        There are many factors to look at when designing an audio logo for a brand. Some of which include memorability and brand fit but, one of the more important factors is ownership, which translates into uniqueness for most listeners.

        The Mercedes Benz audio logo you mentioned was taken, with some minor tweaks, from a sample library that any consumer/professional can use to create their own music or for that matter put in another commercial!

        Here’s a video of the sample http://youtu.be/VGi92yx9DZA It’s a huge oversite from Mercedes Benz and quite frankly should have never been aired as a brand property.

  2. I actually really like the new sound logo. Everyone saying that the old one is nostalgic – move over please! BMW were clearly going for a future sounding edge on this, you realise that more than 10 years has passed since the introduction of the old sound logo, that’s 10 years of new potential customers to tap in to.

    For the sound logo itself – it sounds dramatic and cutting edge. I didn’t actually notice it had the two deep beats, I was focused on the impressive and attention-grabbing reverse orchestral sound. It doesn’t say “engine breakdown” it says “cutting edge of automobile technology”. Heard in a cinema where the audience are especially captive, the sound is very loud (reminds me of the THX sound test sound) and thus very attention grabbing and, again, futuristic.

    This is just my opinion, an 18 year old with an interest in marketing, but hey ho. I found this article because I was looking for the new sound so I could see what people though of it.

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