Red Bull Stratos – a dive in a brand that propelled a company to the stars!

Once you get the hang of the main idea supporting your brand and if you have the grit to make it happen, as time passes things will have the tendency to move quite easily.

Guided by their simple yet very effective motto: “Red Bull gives you wings” the Red Bull company throughout the years succeeded to narrow down the focus of their marketing activities to a pinpoint. The story of Red Bull was never about the taste, the ingredients or the value of their product. On the contrary, it has always been about enabling people to do and achieve more.

I felt frustrated because I didn’t find out about the Red Bull Stratos project sooner. It is indeed a very ambitious undertaking which: 1. Took serious investment and 2. It took years and years of planing. Once I realized that, these two facts really excited me but not because of their magnitude and complexity. Amid the huge logistics of the project, the company never lost track of their brand and all that it stands for. Being a consumer of their marketing messages throughout the years I’ve come to a conclusion that it is crystal clear to the company what sort of activities they should endorse. It was clear for the company the last 10 years prior to this project and I believe it will remain clear for the next 10 years to come. The endorsement of such an ambitious, mammoth project would be unthinkable without a clear vision and a constant dedication to your brand.

The other thing that fascinates me about this project is that Red Bull as a company actually demonstrated the values by which it expects their target group to live by.

Historically they’ve always sponsored extreme sports and activities: F1 teams, cliff divers, extreme skiers – you name it. But this time they took it up a notch. This time, besides the financial and the reputational risk, Red Bull endorsed a project that put the life of a human being (Felix Baumgartner) on the line. This company is not satisfied with statements… They don’t stop at “Be extreme”. They are willing to walk their own talk. This kind of risky attitude solidifies the Red Bull brand as one of the strongest on the global market and it is one of the rare brands that truly operates by its own values.

To welcome risk is of crucial significance for the progress of corporations, and smaller business too. Projects such as these push the envelope and discover new ground of possibilities and creativity.

One might say that creativity is a result of unusual thinking i.e. to use the cliche: “To think creatively is to think out of the box”, but in this case there is nothing revolutionary in the way of thinking. There is no indication that Red Bull stepped out of their true nature or what they really are. They didn’t have to reinvent themselves nor search for opportunity on the outside. What happened is that they took such a deep dive in their own brand box. They dove so deep that they found something that propelled them to the stars, literally and in terms of media coverage.

From the most inner depths of their brand to the stars on the sky, this event left a such blazing trail which surely will continue to shine in the media and in our own collective memories in the times that come.

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